Education and Training

We are working in an era that belongs to people who can learn and relearn. Staying abreast of the latest technologies and trends in various sectors and constant training on the newer parameters is pivotal for being a front runner in this challenging environment. Also, in today’s work situation, training and corporate development professionals are faced with a variety of challenges. Education and training are two vitally important issues, representing the means to nurture tomorrow’s talent and promote ever higher standards, at personal as well as organizational levels. They are acting as a solution provider for all these requirements. The focus on educational and career achievement is fueling a strong demand for good quality candidates, having the aptitude, skill and diligence to serve this industry.A few of the popular vacancies that are assisted by us:

Program/ Project Manager
Training Needs Analyst
Task Analyst
Curriculum Designer
Content Developer
Assessment Strategy and Development officer
Organizational Alignment personnel
Change Implementation Management staff
College Faculty
Elementary School Teacher
High School Teacher
Junior High School Teacher
Middle School Teacher
School Administrator
Student Services
Substitute Teacher


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