Media / Advt. / Comn.


Any media program has a better chance of being productive if it is timed, designed and written to solve a problem for potential customers and is carried out in a way that the targeted customer understands and trusts. This makes timing an extremely crucial factor in media, advertising and communication industry. It also implies that the business houses involved in this industry are perpetually in need of fresh talent and that manpower forms the backbone of the industry.

Also, with the largest film industry globally, an increasingly awarded advertising industry and the largest cable & satellite television market, Indian industry has begun to attract global media conglomerates. This has opened up international gateway for Indian candidates in media, advertising and communication Industry.

In the fast changing environment of advertising, marketing and corporate communications, it is critical to have an advertising or media recruiter who truly understands your needs.

Some of the positions that are available in this industry are:

Marketing executive
Tele- marketing executive
Site marketing Advertising executive
Client Servicing executive
Key Account Manager
Account Director
Creative Director
Product Executive
Product /Brand Manager
Business Alliances Manager
Creative Art Director
Visualizer Copywriter
Graphic Designer
Marketing Researcher
MR Field Supervisor
PR Executive PR&Media Relations Mgr
Media Planning Media Buying
Corporate Communication
Marketing Head

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