Printing & Publishing


Printing is a growth industry. The demand for printed materials is tied to a number of factors having to do with general economic activity. The industry is looking for future minded professionals willing and able to adapt to technical changes.

The printing industry prints products ranging from newspapers, magazines, and books to brochures, labels, newsletters, postcards, memo pads, business order forms, checks, maps, T-shirts, and packaging. The industry also consists of establishments that provide related services to printers, such as embossing, binding, finishing, and prepress services. We, at PAGDANDI, provides candidates to befit all the areas of this industry.

The various job openings in this industry like-

Pre-Press/Electronic Pre-Press
Production Operations
Sales and Customer Service
Systems/Network Administration
Graphic designers
Sales Executive
Printing Machines Operators
Senior Mac Operator
Systems Engineer
Flexo Folder/gluer Set-up Assistant
Preventative Maintenance Electrician
Hand Bookbinding Craftsperson
Guillotinist / Storeman
Metal Decorator
Technical Officer
Senior Display Account Manager
Print Finisher/allround Operator
Flexo Printers Assistant
Corrugated Board Converter
Corrugator Line Manager
Account Executive
Top Quality Screen Printer
Wide Web Flexo
Gravure/flexographic ‘printer’
Night Shift Flexo Label Printers
Printers Assistant
Print Finisher Stitching
Service Manager
Colour Operator

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